Nature inspired me again, into the moment of leaving our busy and cloudy daily environment for a while. Can you imagine a place, where you can feel this freedom of forms, of air, of light? Just by observing and discovering the happening? To feel this beautiful emotion of everything around you …
Actually, this place could be everywhere. Well, I found it here. Up to the Sky, in The Old Observatory!

The Old Observatory is a project representing the inspiration of life, seen through Nature. As individual raised surrounded the old Brutal Architecture, typical for Eastern Europe, I’ve been always trying to find the way out of this concrete structures, representing them in a gentle and peaceful way. I defined them as opposite side of my mentality and behavior, but the same time they have been always a part of my physical life and environment. They’ve been also a part of my basic understanding and knowledge of the forms. Those thoughts, let me create this peaceful environment, with a mark of past, something forgotten …

The Old Observatory

Category: Architectural Visualization, Still Image, Environment

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