I was inspired by the great deep ocean creatures such as Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus), about their behavior physical form and difficult existence in the past and our present. I decided to show and expose some interior environments by virtue of small wooden handcrafted  figure of Sperm Whale, which I created for this purpose.

Later on, I created an Augmented Reality [AR] based installation for my diploma work as Master Degree in Digital Arts (National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria). The installation was the next step on those renders and experiments where the main subject is this wooden figure of a Whale.
For more information look at  The Whale Story II, and The Whale Story [AR].

The project is devoted to series of experiments with Blender 3d and Cycles Render Engine (using Cycles node based shading system) for architectural environments and not only. More information about Blender 3d at blender.org

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