The Whale Story

The installation tells of a story of a whale (old wooden figurine).
This installation represents a locked “digital reality”, which can unlock and comes to life as part of our visual environment.

I’m marking on it, a set of 4 fundamental layers, shaped to scenes, illustrating moments from wooden whale’s life.

The four main scenes and stages are symbolic:

1. The creation of this creature – being
2. The absolutism of this wild being, of this form in free space
3. His personal drama as an existing object in our modern life
4. Decomposition of the creation – its decomposition to the output wooden figure, which we
consider on the box at this time.

The “key” which unlocks the digital installation is this wooden whale – resembling an old toy – and its box. Its image and form lock the story of this story, of this being. Thanks to modern technologies for digital communication (tablet, phone, computer) we as viewers can unlock this window and peek.

I define “The Story of a Whale” as a 3d digital-audio installation realized in the genre – Augmented Reality (AR – augmented reality). This [AR] genre in itself allows digital space to mix and interact over the real physical one, and to “live” with our true three-dimensional space through the new technologies.

The “digital environment” does not literally become part of ours, but we have the opportunity to reproduce it, see it, understand it, and interpret it as a real part of our real space. Through the different 3d programs and my computer, I build and compile a software application that I use later on tablet or smart phone device to visualize the installation.

For my project “The Whale Story”, I’ve used a computer to generate the complete content and application code.
The base over which I’m building the installation, and using as a trigger, is the very three-dimensional shape of the wooden whale, and its box. Their exact physical parameters and colors.

The [AR] content could be triggered only if the camera can see the physical box and the whale in a composition.

Diploma Work – The Whale Story | Part of the Concept [BG]

The first 3 from left to right, are showing the 3D previews of the scene setup. For all my needs I used Blender 3D. The final app was built in Unity 3D.
The rest of images are showing the process of creation of the physical object – the wooden Whale.

The Whale Story [AR]

Category: Augmented Reality, 3D, Interactive Experience, Real-time

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ClientNational Academy of Arts, SofiaServicesGraduate Diploma Project [MFA]Year2016

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