Product Design - Steering Wheel

Client Profile: Boat Manufacturing Company with more than 15 years experience in the field in Europe, USA and Canada.

Main Goal: Bringing fresh air and creating new innovative ideas of Steering Wheel Design for the next two years of production.
Optimizing the process of production including integration of already produced elements on the stock.

Process: After so many years of manufacturing boats and elements for boats the Company invited me to create some new innovative concepts from already produced materials and elements.

I’ve created a concept design of steering wheels based on best – selling products over the past three years. I did research on the steering wheel market, analyzing the products of the other competitors the  and I created some innovative concepts possible for production in the next two years of production.

Full HD Animation Soon. Stay Tuned!


Designing a Boat Steering Wheel

Category: Product Design, Product Development, Concept Design, Animation, Visualization

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