An experienced Creative Lead with strong passion in Engineering, Design & Technology

Ivaylo Gogov is a Creative Lead with profound professional expertise in Engineering, Design and Technology.

For the last couple of years, he has been working as Design Program Delivery Manager and Design Team Lead at Visteon Corporation, Sofia.
As such he has been contributing to the successful completion of multiple significant key projects of the company and to its business advancement.

The design and the production process of the creation and implementation of 2D/3D content, and most of the advanced UX/UI – Human Machine Interface technology solutions, are been created in the Design Studio of the company, situated in Sofia, Bulgaria, under the leadership of Ivaylo.

Since 2017, Ivaylo and his team have achieved great success with the production of some of the best automotive cockpit products on the current automotive market worldwide.

[like Mercedes Benz-MBUX-2021, Nissan Ariya-2022, InfinityQ60-2022, Mitsubishi Outlander-2022, Nissan-Z-2022, Nissan Note Aura-Nismo-2022 and more] …

My fields of expertise

Project Management

  • Process and pipeline development
  • Agile based development (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Task planing and distribution (agile based)
  • Powerful automation development
  • Delivery management and tracking
  • Resources and budgets planing

Design Research and Development

  • Product design research
  • Experience with HCD methodologies (B2C & B2B)
  • UX/UI interactions, based on best trends
  • Product mapping & customer journey

UX/UI Prototyping & MVP Development

  • 2D/3D interactive prototypes (high fidelity)
  • ADAS 3D (real-time data driven simulations)
  • Interactive experience using VR, AR, MR


Team Management

  • Hiring process experience
  • Efficiency and team support
  • Mentoring and guiding
  • Soft skills & negotiation skills


Advanced Digital Production

  • Modeling & Rendering
  • 3D Optimization
  • Stills & Animations
  • Post Production



Since 2005, Ivaylo has been gaining professional experience, disciplinary knowledge, practical, and technical expertise, by participating and accomplishing a variety of customer projects, in B2C and B2B related areas. He’s been working and contributing with his talent to companies and organizations such as:

” Ivaylo Gogov is an experienced Creative Professional who can help your business to grow. He is able to understand and bring new fresh air and sustainable ideas for your Company needs. He has the skills and abilities to build high-quality visuals and content to establishing your Digital Presence into really unique way! With his management skills, technical literacy, sharp focus, and attention on the details, clients are saving additional time, additional cost, and struggles. “