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In 2006, I’ve worked in USA, during this period I had the chance to visit Washington Museum of Natural History in Washington DC where I was amazed by the beauty of natural crystals. They had an amazing collection of crystals, asteroids and other unique types of natural forms. I spend 4 hours in the section of Crystals watching them. The impression of those unique organic gems (forms) made me think a lot about creation, as a process … an act.

Until now I haven’t a clear idea what I was looking for exactly, but I collected materials – images of crystals, diagrams, and information etc.
In my daily work, I use Blender a lot as a part of my production workflow, so I decided to experiment with Cycles Render Engine and to see how close I can get to the realism and understanding of crystal materials into a node based study experiment. This is a personal project mostly realized in my free time.

Because of the big impact in the community not only the Blender Community but also users with 3d experience and desires into C4D, 3D max, Zbrush users asking me to release the “secrets” of making this kind of images. I’ve decided to make a series of video tutorials showing the exact process of creation.
And because I’m doing it only in my free time, the Work is still in Progress.
Please stay tuned!

Material Studies – Crystals Inspiration

Category: 3D Rendering, Natural Forms

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